10 Solar and Storage Predictions


10 Solar and storage predictions are our telescope into the future. This article looks ahead and gives predictions how the solar and storage market will develop during the coming decade.

  1. Storage will become standard for solar installations
  2. Therefore dollars per watt calculations will have to change
  3. We need better connections between inverters and servers
  4. Better administration software must be created
  5. Costs will go up for a couple of years before they will decrease again
  6. The battery and inverter market will consolidate
  7. There will be no standard energy system interface for a while to come
  8. Batteries will get better but it will stay hard to predict how quickly
  9. Vehicle to grid will take time to arrive
  10. We are seeing the dawn of industrial and commercial energy storage

We need a massive change away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. The Climate Change predictions for the future are a dire warning to all of us.

Technological improvements are not enough. We also need to make sure that the new technology is affordable. Subsidies and grants will be needed to put solar cells on every roof and local battery storage must become the norm.

We need a Green New Deal that changes our society from the ground up. Every house, every appliance and every car and truck will have to change. Our CO2 emissions must decline rapidly and we must stop our reliance on fossil fuels.

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