Angela Merkel’s Amazing Speech!

Angela Merkel just gave the speech of her life.

A Speech For The Ages

A speech full of compassion, wisdom and a deep empathy for her people. Merkel laid out the dire situation around the Corona Virus pandemic that is hitting the world.

Angela Merkel promised that the German government will be as transparent as humanly possible. Stated that all decisions, especially the harsh ones, will be explained. And they will be delivered with the understanding that a situation like this has never before been put on the shoulders of the people.

This is what a leader in a monumental crisis looks like. Calm, collected, wise, confident yet pleading with the people to do the right thing. Making sure that everybody understands that this is the time to work together to ensure that the weakest among us will survive this moment.

This speech about the Corona Virus crisis will go into the history books as the one by which Angela Merkel will be remembered.

Asking The People Not To Travel …

One can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to restrict travel. She, who grew up under the oppressive regime of East Germany, had to ask the people to no longer travel. But she made the decision and delivered her appeal to the people in a rare moment of political greatness.

In a global crisis that sees the likes of Trump failing miserably on every front this is an example for a true leader. Trump, who is leaving his country utterly unprepared for the tidal wave that is coming towards the national healthcare system, is a disgrace for his office and should step down.

I have said plenty of bad things about the globalists, their agenda and methods in the past. And Mrs. Merkel is part of that elite power structure. I will not excuse or overlook her past behavior but she has brought honor to herself today and given an example for others to start leading like she is today.

Our best wishes with the German people, all of Europe and actually all of us wherever we live. Because we are all in this together.

Source/Credit: Testerer

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