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Art And Beauty

Art and beauty nourish our souls. On this page we will feature important works of art. Art that widens our understanding of our place in the world. Or art that shows us how the world should be in the future. Or it may be art that just touches our hearts because it will be our

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Tesla News

This page lists Tesla News in chronological order. We try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Come here regularly for the latest Tesla News.

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10 Solar and Storage Predictions

10 Solar and storage predictions are our telescope into the future. This article looks ahead and gives predictions how the solar and storage market will develop during the coming decade. Storage will become standard for solar installations Therefore dollars per watt calculations will have to change We need better connections between inverters and servers Better

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The Future of Energy Storage

What is the Future of energy storage going to be like? How do we store the energy generated by solar and wind farms? This video shows a glimpse of the future. Both chemical energy storage methods and ways of storing energy as potential or thermal energy are explored. In order to get renewable energy up

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The Boring Company

The most profitable company in the future!

There is nothing boring about the ‘Boring Company’! The word ‘boring’ in the name stands for boring as in drilling. Drilling tunnels underneath highways used exclusively by EV’s (Electrical vehicles) to be specific. This absolutely has the potential to revolutionary and completely change the way we travel within cities. This is an awesome concept and

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