Corona Virus Map Showing Fever Hotbeds

Corona Virus Map from

Corona Virus Map: Here is a link to a ‘Nationwide Health Map Of The Corona Virus‘.

What This Map Shows

This map shows, nationwide, where unusual fevers seem to indicate that places where the virus is currently highly active.

The data is collected by smart thermometers (Kinsa brand). Artificial intelligence compares the data to ‘normal’ fever distributions. Wherever the algorithm detects unusually high amounts of fever it colors the map yellow or red.

This clearly shows that Florida (as of when this article was written) is a hotbed of high fevers. This indicates a dangerous area where people should absolutely start social distancing and implement other counter measures.

This pandemic is going to have a huge death-toll during the coming weeks. We hope that this map will help to indicate where the danger is the highest.

How You Can Help

Especially in these areas. Remember the most important measures.

  • Stay home! Social distancing! Avoid close contact with other people!
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Prepare for temporary shortages of supplies
  • Stay informed
  • Listen to authorities and their warnings!

The gravest danger arises when the number of new serious cases overwhelms our healthcare system. If hospitals are at capacity, nurses, doctors are overwhelmed and medical supplies run out then hard choices become inevitable.

The best ways to prevent this from happening are TESTING and ISOLATION (this is the government’s responsibility) and SOCIAL DISTANCING (this is your responsibility!). And if you think your behavior does not matter then think again! Because what you do is likely also done by thousands of others. And when that happens we, as a society, will go over a deadly cliff.

So please do your part! And stay home as much as you can until this passes!

Also see our link to the official website.

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