Jane Goodall on Covid-19

A video message from Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall calls for a different, a kinder way of life. The message is clear. Unless we are willing to listen we will receive more pain.

We have treated this planet like we take it’s blessings for granted. We have treated each other like we are merely slaves and masters. And we are now reaping what we have sown.

Unless we listen we will suffer. Above else we need a change of hearts. Our attitude of exploitation, of greed of taking and taking HAS to change! We have brought the world to the breaking point. Now the world has started to hit us back.

This Corona virus pandemic is teaching us lessons we were unwilling to hear when wise ones tried to teach us with words. They kept calling us to change our ways and we refused to listen. Jane Goodall was among those wise ones. And she was ignored too. Now we have to listen what the virus tells us about ourselves.

It is time to listen to wise ones like Jane Goodall or Mother Earth will teach us more harsh lessons in the near future.

At the core this is the same message that Charles Eisenstein gives us when he tells us about The More Beautiful World that is Possible. Yes, that world is possible but only if we start listening to the wise ones who have been telling us all along!

Our mental disease was given a name by the Native American tribes. They called it ‘Wetiko’ (or similar names like Windingo). An empty soul desperately trying to fill the hole inside by consuming everything around it. That is the core of our madness and with this pandemic (and all the ones following it soon) we will be cured of that madness.

We must change our ways!

More of Jane Goodall’s wisdom can be found here.

Source/Credits: Jane Goodall Institute Belgium

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