Native American wisdom must start to guide us into a more sustainable future.

Just becoming technologically smarter will not be enough to save us! Unless we change the way we look at the world we have no future!

The root of the problem is our illusion of being disconnected. It is a kind of mental illness that our western society carries. We believe to be separate from nature. Therefore we see every tree, every school of fish and every other natural reason through a dollar-lined filter.

We are not separate from nature. We are part of nature. Even more, we are all connected the same way your two hands are connected to your body. The notion that we can kill a tree without harming ourselves is on the same level as to think we can cut off part of our body believing it will not harm us. On that path lies madness.

Native American wisdom calls us to change our ways. We cannot invent ourselves out of the crisis we have created. Technological achievements are great and necessary but they will not save us unless we change our views.

We need to use our brain and intellect, our creativity and power to innovate. And we need to use the power of our heart to connect, to re-connect and rediscover the path that Native American Wisdom is calling us to walk on.

Also watch the wisdom of Charles Eisenstein who talks about The More Beautiful World We know is possible.

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