“Capitalism is broken! Doesn’t mean we have to throw it out. But it does mean we have to fix it!” – this is what I just heard on mainstream media. On a show that is owned by a gigantic corporation. A corporation that, just weeks ago, would NEVER have allowed such a show to air! Ever!

Here is a link to Ali Velshi’s show “Let’s discover our capacity for positive change”

Ali Velshi calls for change!

And in this show Ali Velshi just said the following on his show: [bullet points added by me]. Quote:

“…right now we are going to have to spend a lot of money and do some things that are really hard to do! So why not do it right? Why not be the first generation that

  • fixes wealth disparity
  • income inequality
  • universal healthcare
  • poverty
  • homelessness
  • racial economic inequality
  • crushing college debt
  • underfunded public schools
  • underpaid teachers
  • the nurses, that may save your life in the coming weeks
  • and, by the way, how about the climate?
During this crisis we have put about a half a TRILLION DOLLARS — A DAY!!! into propping up financial markets but not one new cent on economic equality and injustice.” End of quote.

WOW! Watch this show!

A call for a new, more equitable society, on freaking MSNBC!
Seriously! Watch it! This show was amazing!

More Quotes

“Our capitalism is broken.”

“Everything is going to be different now. And when we come through this, things will have changed DRASTICALLY!”

“We can take this moment to change the policies that failed us!”

So where will we go from here?

This call, on mainstream media, is what this virus and the shutdown of society has done within days! This is what we could not, would not do in decades.

Could it be that the virus is forcing us to do what wise ones like Charles Eisenstein, Jane Goodall or Bernie Sanders have asked for decades?

How are we going to pay for it? There is no money for this! Those were the battle cries of the defenders of this monstrous cruel system that only worked for the billionaires.

And today everybody realizes, unless we fix this situation FOR THE POOREST AMONG US, they WILL contract the virus and give it to us, – to us, the privileged rich and wealthy, who couldn’t give a DAMN about the poor when they walked among them in past times.

This virus has shown with brutal clarity that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and that what befalls the poorest among us will eventually befall all of us.
And even if we are too morally bankrupt to fix this broken capitalistic system for the right reasons, this virus forces us to FINALLY do the right thing and make this a society that works for everybody.

Thank you Covid-19!

Thank you Covid-19! As cruel as these times will be for millions of us, you may just have done us the greatest service ever!

You saved us from ourselves!

Source/Credit: MSNBC Ali Velshi “Let’s discover our capacity for positive change”

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