Charles Eisenstein: The More Beautiful World

Charles Eisenstein talks about the ‘Old Story’ that is ending and the ‘New Story’ that will guide us into a sustainable future.

The ‘Old Story’ is all about dominating nature. It perpetuates the illusion that we are separate from nature and that we have the right to take what we can.

The ‘New Story’ starts with the notion that we are part of nature. That everything is connected. And that there is no harm we can do to the world that ultimately does not harm ourselves.

If we start telling this ‘New Story’ and allow it to unfold then mankind has a future on this planet. Climate Change, the most urgent symptom of us living by the ‘Old Story’ paradigm forces us to make a decision urgently.

There is a great Facebook group out there that discusses many topics that relate to Charles Eisenstein. We highly recommend that group. You can join it here…

Our own discussion of this video here:

Source/Credit: Sustainable Human



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